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Arts, Humanities, Religion

Arts and Humanities Through The Eras
Encyclopedia of Clothing and Fashion
Encyclopedia of Food and Culture 3 vols
Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World
Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology
Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Encyclopedia of Religion 2nd Ed, 14 vols
Encyclopedia of Religious Practices, 2006 3 vols
Encyclopedia of Science and Religion
Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender 4 vols
Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained 3 vols
Encyclopedia of World Cultures 10 vols
Fashion, Costume, and Culture 5 vols
Gale Encyclopedia Of Literature And Criticism
Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology 2nd ed
Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World- Dictionary, 2005
International Dictionary of Psychoanalysis
International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family
Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Foods and Recipes of the World 4 Vols
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying
Macmillan Library Reference Encyclopedia of Buddhism
New Dictionary of the History of Ideas 6 vols
Nonfiction Classics for Students 5 Vols (2001)
Psychologists and Their Theories for Students
Reference Guide to World Literature
Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film, 2007, 4 vols
Shakespeare for Students 2nd Ed
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture. Vol. 1-5
Tobacco in History and Culture, 2005, 2v
UXL World Religions Reference Library
World Education Encyclopedia 3 vols

Business and Management
Company Profiles for Students 3 Vols_0787648906
Encyclopedia of American Industries, 4th Ed
Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, 2nd Ed
Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns
Encyclopedia of Small Business 3rd Edition
International Directory of Business Biographies, 2005, 4v
Landmarks in Modern American Business, 2000, 3v

Earth Sciences
Encyclopedia of Water Science
Environmental Encyclopedia
Junior Worldmark Encyclopedia of Physical Geography Vols.1-5
Pollution A to Z
UXL Encyclopedia of Biomes
UXL Encyclopedia of Landforms and Other Geologic Features
World of Earth Science

Ancient Civilizations
Ancient Europe
Cold War Reference Library
Dictionary of American History 3rd Ed
Early Civilizations in the Americas- UXL Reference Library
Elizabethan World Reference Library
Encyclopedia of European Social History From 1350 to 2000
Encyclopedia of Russian History 4 Vols
Encyclopedia of the Great Depression
Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History
Encyclopedia of Western Colonialism since 1450
Europe 1450 to 1789 Encyclopedia of the Early Modern World
Europe 1789 to 1914.. the Age of Industry and Empire
Europe Since 1914 - Encyclopedia of the Age of War and Reconstruction, 2006, 5 vols
Historic Events for Students- The Great Depression
History of World Trade Since 1450
Industrial Revolution- Reference Library
Middle Ages Reference Library
Slavery Throughout the History- Reference Library 3 Vols
The Crusades Reference Library
The Renaissance- An Encyclopedia for Students. Vol. 1-4
U-X-L American Decades, 1900-1999
U-X-L Development of the Industrial US
U-X-L Renaissance and Reformation Reference Library
U-X-L Westward Expansion Reference Library
World War I Reference
World War II

Live Nature
Encyclopedia of Aquaculture (not Gale)
Endangered Species
Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia
Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource

Medicine and Health
Child Development
Drugs and Controlled Substances- Information for Students
Encyclopedia of Aging_Macmillan Reference Vols.1-4
Encyclopedia of Bioethics
Encyclopedia of Pain
Encyclopedia of Public Health
Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine
Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders
Gale Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders, 2nd Ed
Gale Encyclopedia of Neurological Disorders
Gale Encyclopedia of Surgery
Medicine, Health, and Bioethics.. Essential Primary Sources
Nutrition and Well Being
The Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer - 2nd Edition
The Gale Encyclopedia of Children's Health 4vols
The Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, 3rd Edn
The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders
The Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health
U.X.L Complete Health Resource v,1-9
U.X.L Encyclopedia of Drugs and Addictive Substances 5 Vols

Africa - An Encyclopedia for Students_4v_2002
Blackbirch Kid's Visual Reference
Cities of the United States
Cities of the World
Countries and Their Cultures
Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook 2006
Countries of the World and Their Leaders Yearbook 2008
Encyclopedia of Diasporas
Encyclopedia of India, 2006, 4v
Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture
Junior Wolrdmark Encyclopedia of the Mexican States_2nd_ed
New Encyclopedia of Africa_Scribner Vols.1-5
The Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations 12th ed., 2007, 5 vols
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations, 11th ed
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States 7th ed., 2007, 2 vols
Worldmark Encyclopedia of the States. 6th ed

Persons and Biographies
Biographical Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East and North Africa
Encyclopedia of World Biography 26 Vols
Notable Sports Figures
The Presidents- A Reference History
The Writers Directory, Edition 2007
U.X.L Graphic Novelists

Politics, Law, Sociology
Crime and Punishment
Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco - Learning About Addictive Behavior 3 Vols
Encyclopedia of American Foreign Policy, 2nd ed., 3 vols
Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society
Encyclopedia of Communication and Information (2002)
Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice_Macmillan Reference 2nd Ed Vols.1-4
Encyclopedia of Genocide And Crimes Against Humanity
Encyclopedia of Governance
Encyclopedia of Race and Racism
Encyclopedia of Social Theory, 1-2 Vols
Encyclopedia of Sociology
Encyclopedia of United States National Security_v1-2_0761929274 (Sage, 2006)
Encyclopedia of Warrior Peoples and Fighting Groups
Encyclopedia of White-Collar and Corporate Crime
Extremist Groups- Information for Students
Financial History of the United States, 2002, 3 vols
Gale Encyclopedia of Espionage, Intelligence and Security 3 vols
Gale Encyclopedia of Everyday Law (2nd ed) 2 vols
Gender Issues and Sexuality - Essential Primary Sources
Governments of the World 4vols
History behind the Headlines
Human and Civil Rights - Essential Primary Sources
International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 9 vols (2008)
Prejudice in Modern World
World Encyclopedia of Police Forces and Correctional Systems
World Poverty
World Press Encyclopedia 2nd Ed

Science and Technology
Alternative Energy
Biotechnology- Changing Life Through Science 2 Vols
Building Blocks of Matter A Supplement to the Macmillan Encyclopedia of Physics
Chemical Compounds - 3 Vols
Chemistry - Foundations and Applications
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics
Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy_3v_2001
Macmillan Science Library
Real-Life Math
Science and Its Times
Science and Scientists.Vol.1-3
Science in Dispute
Science of Everyday Things
The GALE Encyclopedia of Science
UXL Complete Life Science Resource
UXL Encyclopedia of Science, 2nd Ed
World of Forensic Science
World of Microbiology and Immunology
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