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2014 | 257 Pages | ISBN: 146251412X | PDF | 3.61Mb
This acclaimed teacher resource and course text describes proven ways to accelerate the language and literacy development of young children, including those at risk for reading difficulties. The authors draw on extensive research and classroom experience to present a complete framework for differentiated instruction and early intervention. Strategies for creating literacy-rich classrooms, conducting effective assessments, and implementing targeted learning activities are illustrated with vivid e...

ISBN: | PDF | 63 MB
The colorful pictures and easy children's language writers of the world will make such training more interesting.
1. Ugly Duckling
2. Snip and Snap and the Billy Goat
3. The Robber Kitten
4. Rays of Sunshine
5. Punky Dunk and the Mouse
6. Proverbs for the nursery
7. The pet Bubble book
8. One little Penny and How he Crew
9. The Louis Wain Kitten Book
10. Jack and the Beanstalk
11. Gems from little mother goose
Category: Children's Books

2013 | 112 Pages | ISBN: | PDF | 2.81Mb
Teachers are now having difficulty making grammar relatable and intelligible for native speakers that have heard English all their lives. So it only makes sense that ESL learners may struggle even more and have even more questions. But this book will help you answer them with fun, insightful lessons....

2004 | 321 Pages | ISBN: 0-8077-4425-5 | pdf | 1.24Mb
This book is about understanding and redesigning accountability systems. The accountability systems we write about are those established over the past 5 to 10 years, mostly at the state level, although a number of districts have similar systems. These systems are distinguished by their attention to school-level performance and by their inclusion of consequences for that performance. They are quite different from earlier approaches to accountability that attended primarily to district compliance ...