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2006 | 335 Pages | ISBN: 978 0 7506 6401 1 | pdf | 52.2Kb
This is a basic text providing self-guided training for non- specialists who need an appreciation of the purposes and use of accounting information. It covers the basic principles of financial and management accounting for those who do not require detailed theoretical or technical knowledge. The text will provide a grounding and outline understanding to enable the reader to contribute in the workplace or to progress to further financial studies. The text demonstrates the subjectivity and limitat...
Category: Accounting

2004 | 305 Pages | ISBN: 0-471-25108-9 | pdf | 3.56Mb
This book is designed for accountants who are setting up a payroll system, im- proving the efficiency of an existing system, or who need answers to the inevitable variety of compensation, tax, deduction, benefits, international, and record keep- ing issues associated with payroll.

The book covers three main areas. The first is the overall set of policies and procedures, controls, best practices, and measurements that comprise a payroll system. The second part addresses the processin...
Category: Accounting

2005 | 353 Pages | ISBN: 0 7494 4416 9 | pdf | 2.59Mb
Accounting and finance have a language of their own with a variety of statements and techniques that can mystify non-accounting colleagues. This new edition, like its predecessors, is written primarily for those non-financial students and managers who need to know about finance and accounting in any organization. The aim is to cut through as much of the jargon as possible and explain the various statements and techniques in a straightforward manner that requires no prior training....
Category: Accounting

2004 | 238 Pages | ISBN: 0-07-143647-2 | pdf | 3.04Mb
A ccounting knowledge is a core business skill that both complements and enhances your other talents. Individuals promoted to management or supervisory roles from either line or staff jobs find that many of their new responsibilities involve knowing something about accounting. Congratulations on your promotion! You’ve come to the right place to start developing those accounting skills. If you haven’t had a recent promotion, more congratulations are in order. You are taking steps to gain the skil...
Category: Accounting

2002 | 219 Pages | ISBN: 0-471-09210-X | pdf | 1.19Mb
Since the first edition of this book in 1994, not much change has occurred to accounting standards for Property, Plant, and Equipment in business. The GAAP promulgated by the Financial Accounting, FASB, has been to further the concept of identifying the cost of an asset and spreading that cost over the accounting periods that benefit. Accounting for contributions, impairments, and financing of assets have been addressed by the FASB.

In contrast, much has happened in the areas of Not...
Category: Accounting

2004 | 189 Pages | ISBN: 0-8144-0790-0 | pdf | 1000.5Kb
The success or failure of a business is measured in dollars. And dollars are recorded and reported using accounting. Accounting is truly the language of business. No matter what your role may be, if you are involved in business, you can benefit from learning accounting. That’s what this book is all about—taking the subject and making it understandable and accessible.

This book makes an excellent companion to any standard text, or it can be used as a stand-alone volume. It is designed...
Category: Accounting

2005 | 138 Pages | ISBN: 1-58131-328-4 | pdf | 1.87Mb
Who would have thought that, of all the issues in the world, accounting would ever be foremost among hot-button discussion topics? Accounting? Boring accounting? A profession once derided in a famous “Monty Python” sketch as a “horrible debilitating disease” whose practitioners are “appallingly dull, unimaginative, timid, lacking initiative, spineless, easily dominated, no sense of humor and irrepressibly drab?” Interesting and intriguing? Never!

Yet in early 2002, accounting was pu...
Category: Accounting

2007 | 509 Pages | ISBN: 9780470081822 | pdf | 3.79Mb
A chief executive officer (CEO) spends months deciding on a corporate strategy. The plan probably includes a mix of changes in products, customers, and markets, as well as demands for increased efficiencies or information in a number of existing areas. The CEO then hands off the plan to a group of managers who are quite capable of implementing many of the changes, but who scratch their heads over how to squeeze greater efficiencies or information out of existing departments in order to meet their s...
Category: Accounting

2005 | 310 Pages | ISBN: 978-0-7506-7896-4 | pdf | 1.72Mb
The Butterworth-Heinemann Hospitality Management Series covers all aspects of the management of hospitality enterprises from an applied perspective. Each book in the series provides an introduction to a separate managerial function such as human resources or accounting, to a distinct management segment in the hospitality industry such as club management, resort management, or casino management, as well as to other topic areas closely related to hospitality management, such as information technol...
Category: Accounting

2006 | 315 Pages | ISBN: 978-0-471-77156-2 | PDF | 1.76Mb
T his book has been written for business owners and managers who want to refine the accounting and financial operations of their companies. It provides detailed information about how to run these operations, track cash flows, conduct analyses, analyze key financial information, create a corporate risk management strategy, and manage tax liabilities—in short, all of the key accounting and financial information required to operate a small business....
Category: Accounting

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