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2007 | 674 Pages | ISBN: 9780199282517 | PDF | 3 MB
HRM is central to management teaching and research, and has emerged in the last decade as a significant field from its earlier roots in Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, and Industrial Psychology. People Management and High Performance teams have become key functions and goals for manager at all levels in organizations.

The Oxford Handbook brings together leading scholars from around the world - and from a range of disciplines - to provide an authoritative account of curre...
Category: Human Resources

2003 | 280 Pages | ISBN: | PDF | 4.06 MB
Human Resources Management and Training
Category: Human Resources

2014 | 257 Pages | ISBN: 146251412X | PDF | 3.61Mb
This acclaimed teacher resource and course text describes proven ways to accelerate the language and literacy development of young children, including those at risk for reading difficulties. The authors draw on extensive research and classroom experience to present a complete framework for differentiated instruction and early intervention. Strategies for creating literacy-rich classrooms, conducting effective assessments, and implementing targeted learning activities are illustrated with vivid e...

2007 ISBN: | | 100 MB
Coursebook with Answer Keys and Vocabulary Test

The Topical Grammar Practice workbook series for young language learners organizes exercises by theme to consolidate key grammatical concepts learned in class. The chosen texts not only illustrate grammar items in context but are also cross-curricular, informative, and fun to maintain student interest. The contents of this series of six workbooks closely follow the Primary English syllabus and are organized by grammar topic. Each unit ...
Category: English course

2016 | 165 Pages | ISBN: 1855845253 | PDF/MOBI/EPUB | 1.38Mb
About the Author: Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) was born in the small village of Kraljevec, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now in Croatia), where he grew up. As a young man, he lived in Weimar and Berlin, where he became a well-published scientific, literary, and philosophical scholar, known especially for his work with Goethe’s scientific writings. At the beginning of the twentieth century, he began to develop his early philosophical principles into an approach to systematic research into psychological ...

2015 | 780 Pages | ISBN: 9781315745916 | True PDF | 2.91Mb
This volume presents students and scholars with a comprehensive overview of the fascinating world of the occult. It explores the history of Western occultism, from ancient and medieval sources via the Renaissance, right up to the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and contemporary occultism. Written by a distinguished team of contributors, the essays consider key figures, beliefs and practices as well as popular culture.

"Partridge’s book should prove particularly valuable to und...
Category: Esoteric

ISBN: | |
Welcome to Everyday Romanian for Beginners - 400 Actions & Activities by Innovative Language. This audiobook is a new way to learn and speak Romanian fast. Start speaking in minutes with powerful learning methods that you'll learn inside.

Using this audiobook is simple. You'll learn practical phrases for over 400 daily activities through 10 easy chapters. The phrases were chosen by a panel of professional language teachers and are some of the most frequently used phrases in daily co...
Category: Others

ISBN: | | 38.8 GB
Osprey - Aerospace
Osprey - Aircam
Osprey - Aircraft of the Aces
Osprey - Airwar
Osprey - Aviation Elite Units
Osprey - Battle Orders
Osprey - Campaign Series
Osprey - Colour Series
Osprey - Combat Aircraft Series
Osprey - Elite Series
Osprey - Essential Histories
Osprey - Fighting Armor of WWII
Osprey - Fortress
Osprey - Frontline in Colour
Osprey - General Military

ISBN: | | 1.6 GB
365 Tarot Spread_Revealing the Magic in Each Day.epub
A Controversial Spirit.pdf
A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare.pdf
A History of Magic and Experimental Science, VolumeII (Volume 2).pdf
A History of the Occult Tarot - Ronald Decker.epub
A Season with the Witch The Magic and Mayhem of Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts.epub
A Stain in the Blood_The Remarkable Voyage of Sir Kenelm Digby.epub
A Step-by-Step Guide to Communica...
Category: Others

2011 | 145 Pages | ISBN: | PDF | 6 MB
If your writing is preventing you from getting the score you need in IELTS, 'Writing for IELTS' can help. Don't let one skill hold you back.
Category: English course

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